Updates on the progress & future Goals

23 January 2021

This article was first published on championquizzer.dreamwidth.org

I’m already halfway through my internship and I believe it is a good time to update my readers about the progress I’ve made and what my goals are for the remainder of the internship. First, let’s begin with what we were able to accomplish in the past one and a half month or so. I was able to complete around 250 tickets on Tor Project’s Request Tracker, write and improve parts of the documentation- both the support and manual docs, make an user feedback report covering varied range of topics - from UI/UX to anti-censorship and so on. The most interesting part of writing technical documentation is that you happen to learn a LOT but it also happens to be time intensive. You need to be thorough with the concepts, communicate questions with folks actually working on that technology and then make it presentable in a way that would be helpful and easy to understand for the reader. Same is true for tickets on the Request Tracker. In most cases, no two tickets are similar and you’re never sure what exactly is going wrong. With Tor, it can be a censorship issue, an issue with the Tor Browser or a basic configuration issue and so on. All that said, I’m very fortunate to have a project which covers for almost all of the teams in Tor Project. In the past couple of months, I have learnt quite a lot about the Tor Network, the underlying cryptography, bridges, configuration of relays and circumventing censorship in countries prohibiting a free and fair internet access to all. So now, moving onto the next half, I will be focussing on documenting Snowflake, working on a bunch of UI/UX stuff on the Tor Project’s Website and continue my work on the Request Tracker.